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Hello world! Sharing some details of what software I use.

These are effectively recommendations of software that works well for my use cases. I use primarily Linux and Android on my personal devices, but I am also forced to use Windows and Mac for work purposes.

My criteria in software choices are:

  • Reduce my dependence on software and services owned by Big Tech companies

  • Afford a reasonable amount of privacy, security, and ownership in my technology usage.

    • Please note that my privacy and security practices are not going to be the most exhaustive because I'm a pretty uninteresting person to spy on, but what I do should generally be much better than what the average consumer of technology does. If you're looking for a more comprehensive Privacy Software guide, try PrivacyGuides.
  • Linux and Android compatibility. On my 'default' laptop I use Void Linux, so my Linux compatibility needs can be slightly different from more popular Linux distributions.

  • Fun things to use

Cloud Software Services:

  • Bitwarden Password Manager

  • StandardNotes E2E Encrypted Notes

  • Currently I participate in a Mastodon server for microblogging and social media, but I hope to try out other Fediverse software soon!

  • Email Provider

  • Still on the look for an image provider for sharing photo albums with friends and family. Stay tuned!

Local Computer Software

Operating Systems

  • I spend the most time using Void Linux on my more light weight laptop.

    • I did my fair share of distro-hopping (Linux Mint, Ubuntu, Debian, a failed Arch attempt) before landing in the void on my most frequently used laptop. I've also been able to install Void Linux on my Raspberry Pi 4.
  • I use Pop OS on my "gaming" laptop for easier Nvidia GPU switching support. (Hopefully next time I get a laptop with GPU it'll be AMD though. Nvidia sucks at Wayland)

  • I'm planning to try out yunohost for self hosting some things on my Raspberry Pi 4. Stay tuned!

Software I use for my Void Linux Desktop Environment

  • vpm XBPS package management helper for Void Linux

  • fish shell. I use fish since it's user friendly without configuration, and writing fish shell scripts is more comprehensible to me than writing bash scripts.

  • hikari, a stacking Wayland compositor

  • fuzzel, an application launcher for wlroots based Wayland compositors

    • To manually add launcher entries for packages and software that is not installed with a .desktop file automatically, I create my own .desktop files and use xdg-desktop-menu to install them.
    • Bonus: You can also create .desktop files to launch specific websites in a browser by setting Exec=qutebrowser --target window <yoururl> in a .desktop file, or something similar for other browsers.
  • foot terminal emulator for Wayland

  • qutebrowser, a keyboard driven browser

  • Nautilus file manager

  • Geary email client

  • zathura document viewer

Note Taking and Code Editor Software

  • StandardNotes is my default for notes across devices, but I also use QOwnNotes as my notebook for work. QOwnNotes can be synchronized using NextCloud, but I am lazy.

  • Kakoune modal, terminal based text editor

  • micro terminal based text editor

Other Utilities

  • xdeb utility to convert deb(ian) packages to xbps packages

  • diskonaut terminal disk space navigator

  • Spotifyd spotify client running as a unix daemon

  • Spotify TUI spotify terminal client, I use this to control the spotifyd device

  • cbonsai to grow bonsai trees in your terminal

  • ani-cli cli tool to browse and play anime

  • I will probably update this section with more items as I recall them.

Mobile Android Software

  • Under construction

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