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low resource spotify listening on the terminal

why: spotify desktop application is not easy to install on platforms that don't support deb packages spotify desktop is pretty resource intensive, and also a bit overstimulating for me even a browser tab open on spotify is a lot if you use a device with 4GB RAM sorry i pay for spotify prerequisites: spotify premium unix-like system: everything here should work on linux or mac; it may also work on other platforms if you build using cargo how: we can use spotify-tui to b...
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Exposing web apps from my local network using Oracle Cloud Free Tier, Caddy, reverse SSH tunnel

Introduction Why? I don't want to buy a new router with port forwarding (and don't want my website to expose my own IP anyway), so I need another way to expose my local server to the public internet. I set up my microblogpub using CloudFlare tunnels, but Cloudflare's TOS prohibits excessive media content traffic, and I want to host a photo gallery. I also want to know how to do this on a generic VPS, so I have many options to migrate my setup in the future. I don't want to pay for a VPS at th...
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Self-hosting an ActivityPub blog using a local computer and free tunnel

Background / why did I do this? I already own a Raspberry Pi 4 board, so have been looking into self-hosting some things. Diving into the rabbit hole, I realized installing and maintaining a multi-user Fediverse instance (e.g. Mastodon) is probably not something I'd like to figure out and maintain at this time - but I'd still like to have an ActivityPub blog/writing presence on the public web that I have complete control over, as an exercise in decentralization. Enter My orig...
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Software I use

About this list Hello world! Sharing some details of what software I use. These are effectively recommendations of software that works well for my use cases. I use primarily Linux and Android on my personal devices, but I am also forced to use Windows and Mac for work purposes. My criteria in software choices are: Reduce my dependence on software and services owned by Big Tech companies Afford a reasonable amount of privacy, security, and ownership in my technology usage. Please note th...
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